Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two and a Half

Lately the phrase I have used to describe Eden is "Very two." Her personality is hilarious. She is very opinionated and has no trouble expressing herself at all! Every day is a new process of discovery...usually accompanied by a lesson in obedience. I have come to the conclusion that two-year-olds are much smarter that we give them credit for.
I have to admit that my favorite past time right now is to watch her play "pretend" while she doesn't know anyone is watching. I get more delight in watching her tend to her babies (and boy, do those babies cause her trouble...she get on to them with gusto...wonder where she gets that from) and dance around in her tutu singing her made-up songs than I get having the most profound conversations with her. Maybe it is because we haven't experienced this "make believe" world with either of our other children. Vivie made up a lot of stories, but she never interacted with her dolls. Gaven was three when he came into our home and was all about trains. He would sit and play with his trains for hours, but he never really narrated the way Eden does right now. Each child is truly unique...a special gift. And, I am coming to understand more and more how each season with each child is a gift. Some people stereotype toddlers with the term "terrible twos." I will never use that phrase. This is a fantastic season of her life, and I will not stamp that title on her. I will enjoy it as much as I can, because it will be gone way too fast.

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Holli said...

LOVE the shadow pictures!