Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Adoption is a precious word in our family. Not only was our son, Gaven, adopted a little over four years ago, but we have now also welcomed our "nephew", baby Noah, into our lives. Our very dear friends, Jeremiah and Susan, surprised us all with the news of the adoption of this adorable little guy in November. He is the very best baby. We all anxiously wait our turns to get him in our arms whenever he is around. His cheeks have the ultimate level of squishyness and kissability. :) When he was over today for a visit, Gaven couldn't wait to sit with him. When Susan put Noah in his arms, she commented on his little cousin. Gaven was quick to reply, "No, Suzy...I am his uncle!" :) Gaven has this amazing nurturing spirit. He cannot wait to teach Noah all he knows about football, hunting, and all manner of little boy things.
I am continually thankful to the Lord for bringing our son into our lives. We set out on a sort of mission to change his life, but he has undoubtedly changed ours in a million ways. There are so many crazy aspects to adoption that I cannot explain them all in one post. But I can tell you this today, the pride of my son claiming his spot as uncle is a small glimpse of a peaceful, strong heart that is secure.


mindi said...

This is precious, Mika. What beautiful boys. :)

Holli said...

How sweet of Gaven! That picture makes me want to kiss all over Noah's cheeks! =)