Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quiet Afternoon

After a wonderful lunch with my best Suzy, I came home and put the little one down for a nap. Gaven and Vivie went into their room to read, and I had time to myself. I turned on "The Holiday" (which is only my favorite movie ever!), and baked a Red Waldorf cake for Christmas Eve. After a very hectic semester, this was a perfectly delightful afternoon.
I will let you know tomorrow how the cake really turned out. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back to the Land of the Digital

Well, after living here (in our "Shouse" shop-house) for over a year, we finally have internet. I guess I am back to the land of the digital. Honestly, I have missed blogging. College work has taken up the majority of my time. All computer time has been spent on research papers and online classes. I am glad to have the ability to spend a few minutes each day in relaxation and reflection by blogging. To anyone who is reading...It is good to talk to you again. All my love, Mika.