Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Jeremy and I have never had Christmas at our home before, or any real tradition of our own. With the exception of our very first married Christmas, we have never even exchanged gifts at our home. We always just go to our parents' homes. We decided that our kids are getting old enough that we need to start something at home. Yet, we are trying to stick to our buget. So, this year we are doing "The Hooper's 12 days of Christmas." So far, it is going very well. Every other night the kids open one item that is something we do as a family...either a book or game. Then, on the opposite nights we are making projects for other people....trying to instill the art of giving and doing for others. And each night we have a special drink as we are doing this. Egg nog, sparkling grape juice, hot cocoa, wassil, etc. The kids are loving it. And we have found that by spreading it out like this, they really get to enjoy the gifts they do receive. Instead of just opening and then moving to the next one. We either read it or play it as a family. And, though we were afraid of not buying much for our kids...they are having Christmas for 12 days! And they have been just as excited about making things for others. We shall see how it goes as they get older. But this season has been very special. Jeremy and I are so blessed with our family....our little treasures. At the close of another year we look back and see how much our Heavenly Father has loved on us all year! Hope you have the time to see your blessings too!