Friday, October 24, 2008

Tired Girls

Both the girls are so tired right now. Vivie is flinging her glove. (her favorite pasttime) Eden keeps looking up at Gaven then burying her face in the blanket.

Last week was CMA's changing of the colors rally. Here, Eden was telling Marleen a very big story. She didn't seem to care that a man from Nambia was speaking...she thought she had something more important to say. Jerr wants me to note that she was wearing her razorback beanie. :)

Made you smile

Eden is 4 months old now. Every day she is changing, yet one thing stays the same. She brings a smile to everyone she sees. What a darling. Her hair is starting to grow back in now...and she is going to be a blondie. Her eyes are now a precious baby blue. too cute

Gaven is mr. Soccer. His goal is to be faster than everyone else on the field. Sometimes when the kids are kicking the ball in, Gaven will start running to the other side of the field, just to be the first one down there. If he scores lots of goals...that is just a bonus. We only have 2 games left until next spring. Then he will be 6 and will move up an age group. Now he is the oldest kid on the team, then he will be the youngest...hopeully that will be a good learning experience for my VERY competitive son.